U11 Leagues Fixtures 2018

Games are subject to change at the discretion of the mentors so please consult with host teams in your group.

U11 Hurling Go Games Program

1 Team Group

Hurling 1 Team Group-Sat, 7th April

Hurling 1 Team Group-Sat,21st April

Ballygiblin vs Fermoy

Ballygiblin vs Bride Rovers

Blackrock vs Grenagh

Blackrock vs Fermoy

Glen Rovers vs St Catherines

Grenagh vs Passage West

Courcey Rovers vs Ballinhassig

Crosshaven vs Ballinhassig

Sliabh Rua vs Crosshaven

Carrigtwohill vs Fr O’Neills

Tracton vs Passage West

Ballygarvan vs Tracton

Fr O’Neills vs Watergrasshill

St Catherines vs Na Piarsaigh

St James Gaels vs St Patricks

Watergrasshill vs Lisgoold

Erins Own vs Carrigtwohill

St James Gaels vs Courcey Rovers

Na Piarsaigh vs Bride Rovers

Donoughmore vs Laochra og

Aghabullogue vs Donoughmore

Clyda Rovers vs Banteer Lyre

Ballinora vs Clyda Rovers

Glen Rovers vs Erins Own

Lisgoold vs Kiltha og

Millstreet vs Ballinora

Mayfield vs Ballycastle Gaels

Brian Dillons vs Mayfield

St Vincents vs Brian Dillons

Castlelyons vs Ballycastle Gaels

Whitechurch vs Castlelyons

Whitechurch vs Aghabullogue

Laochra og vs Whites Cross

Banteer Lyre vs Millstreet

Whites Cross vs St Vincents

Sliabh Rua vs St Patricks

Hurling 1 Team Group-Sat, 12th May

Hurling 1 Team Group-Sat,26th May

St Catherines vs Grenagh

Ballygiblin vs Blackrock

Bride Rovers vs Blackrock

Fermoy vs St Catherines

Fermoy vs Crosshaven

Watergrasshill vs Bride Rovers

Ballinhassig vs Passage West

Sliabh Rua vs Courcey Rovers

Courcey Rovers vs St James Gaels

Tracton vs Crosshaven

Sliabh Rua vs Tracton

Ballygarvan vs Passage West

Lisgoold vs Carrigtwohill

Ballinhassig vs St Patricks

St Patricks vs Ballygarvan

Fr O’Neills vs Erins Own

Fr O’Neills vs Glen Rovers

Kiltha og vs Carrigtwohill

Laochra og vs Clyda Rovers

St James Gaels vs Laochra og

Kiltha og vs Watergrasshill

Millstreet vs Clyda Rovers

Banteer Lyre vs Millstreet

Ballinora vs Donoughmore

Na Piarsaigh vs Ballygiblin

Aghabullogue vs Banteer Lyre

Mayfield vs Castlelyons

Whitechurch vs Mayfield

Brian Dillons vs Whitechurch

St Vincents vs Castlelyons

Ballycastle Gaels vs St Vincents

Ballycastle Gaels vs Brian Dillons

Aghabullogue vs Ballinora

Whites Cross vs Donoughmore

Na Piarsaigh vs Grenagh

Glen Rovers vs Whites Cross


Hurling 1 Team Group-Sat, 16th June

Hurling 1 Team Group-Sat,30th June

Grenagh vs Fermoy

Bride Rovers vs Grenagh

St Catherines vs Bride Rovers

St Catherines vs Ballygiblin

Fr O’Neills vs Kiltha og

Fr O’Neills vs Castlelyons

Glen Rovers vs Ballygarvan

Crosshaven vs Passage West

Passage West vs Sliabh Rua

Sliabh Rua vs Blackrock

Crosshaven vs Courcey Rovers

Tracton vs Ballinhassig

Erins Own vs Lisgoold

Courcey Rovers vs St Patricks

Blackrock vs Na Piarsaigh

Ballygarvan vs St James Gaels

St Patricks vs Tracton

Erins Own vs Whitechurch

Laochra og vs Millstreet

Ballinora vs Laochra og

Carrigtwohill vs Watergrasshill

Aghabullogue vs Millstreet

Clyda Rovers vs Aghabullogue

Glen Rovers vs Mayfield

Donoughmore vs Banteer Lyre

Fermoy vs Na Piarsaigh

Mayfield vs St Vincents

St Vincents vs Carrigtwohill

Whitechurch vs Ballycastle Gaels

Ballycastle Gaels vs Kiltha og

Castlelyons vs Brian Dillons

Brian Dillons vs Watergrasshill

Ballinhassig vs St James Gaels

Ballinora vs Whites Cross

Whites Cross vs Clyda Rovers

Donoughmore vs Banteer Lyre.

2 Team Group

Hurling 2 Team Group-Sat, 7th April

Hurling 2 Team Group-Sat,21st April

Eire og vs Inniscarra

Carrigaline vs Youghal

Mallow vs Carrigaline

St Finbarrs vs Inniscarra

Valley Rovers vs Blarney

Bandon vs Valley Rovers

Killeagh vs Kinsale

Killeagh vs Nemo Rangers

Youghal vs St Finbarrs

Sam Maguires vs Eire og

Clonakilty vs Sam Maguires

Cobh vs Blarney

Nemo Rangers vs Cobh

Kinsale vs Clonakilty

Hurling 2 Team Group-Sat, 12th May

Hurling 2 Team Group-Sat,26th May

Eire og vs St Finbarrs

St Finbarrs vs Sam Maguires

Inniscarra vs Nemo Rangers

Valley Rovers vs Carrigaline

Mallow vs Valley Rovers

Mallow vs Inniscarra

Clonakilty vs Bandon

Eire og vs Blarney

Youghal vs Cobh

Kinsale vs Bandon

Sam Maguires vs Kinsale

Cobh vs Killeagh

Blarney vs Killeagh

Nemo Rangers vs Clonakilty

Hurling 2 Team Group-Sat,16th June

Hurling 2 Team Group-Sat,30th June

Bandon vs Eire og

Eire og vs Mallow

St Finbarrs vs Mallow

Valley Rovers vs Inniscarra

Carrigaline vs Nemo Rangers

Bandon vs Carrigaline

Cobh vs Kinsale

Blarney vs Sam Maguires

Clonakilty vs Inniscarra

Killeagh vs Youghal

Blarney vs Youghal

Kinsale vs Nemo Rangers

Sam Maguires vs Valley Rovers

Cobh vs Clonakilty

3 Team Group

Hurling 3 Team Group-Sat, 7th April

Hurling 3 Team Group-Sat,21st April

Ballincollig vs Midleton

Midleton vs Bishopstown

Douglas vs Sarsfields

Douglas vs Ballincollig

Bishopstown vs Bandon & Ballygarvan

Sarsfields vs Mallow & Kiltha og

Hurling 3 Team Group-Sat, 12th May

Hurling 3 Team Group-Sat,26th May

Bishopstown vs Sarsfields

Douglas vs Bishopstown

Midleton vs Douglas

Ballincollig vs Sarsfields

Ballincollig vs Carrigaline & Erins Own

Midleton vs Youghal & Lisgoold

Hurling 3 Team Group-Sat, 16th June

Hurling 3 Team Group-Sat,30th June

Bishopstown vs Ballincollig

Midleton vs Ballincollig

Sarsfields vs Midleton

Sarsfields vs Douglas

Douglas vs Killeagh & Ballygiblin

Bishopstown vs St Finbarrs & Lisgoold

*Each of the Games in Blue is a 3 team vs a 2 team & 1 team e.g. Bishopstown 1 vs Bandon 1, Bishopstown 2 vs Ballygarvan 1, Bishopstown 3 vs Bandon 2.
**Games in Yellow, are a 3 team Blitz.Game 1: Team 1 vs Team 2. Game 2: Team 2 vs Team 3. Game 3: Team 1 vs Team 3


U11 Football Go Games Program

1 Team Group

Football 1 Team Group Sat,24th March

Football 1 Team Group-Sat,14th April

Crosshaven vs Passage West

Passage West vs Mayfield

Fermoy vs Grenagh

Donoughmore vs Crosshaven

St Vincents vs Donoughmore

St Vincents vs Fermoy

Erins Own vs Bride Rovers

St Nicholas vs Erins Own

Na Piarsaigh vs St Nicholas

Clyda Rovers vs Bride Rovers

Courcey Rovers vs Ballygarvan

Courcey Rovers vs Na Piarsaigh

Sliabh Rua vs Clyda Rovers

Brian Dillons vs Sliabh Rua

Tracton vs St Michaels

Ballygarvan vs Aghinagh

Ballinhassig vs Brian Dillons

Ballinhassig vs Tracton

Banteer Lyre vs Glenville

Boherbue vs Banteer Lyre

Whitechurch vs Boherbue vs Whites Cross

Kilshannig vs Glenville

Balycastle Gaels vs Kilshannig

Ballycastle Gaels vs Whitechurch

Kiltha og vs Carrigtwohill

Lisgoold vs Kiltha og

Fr O’Neills vs Lisgoold

St Catherines vs Carrigtwohill

Castlelyons vs St Catherines

Castlehaven vs Bantry Blues

Castlehaven vs Tadhg MacCarthaighs

Clondrohid vs Duarigle Gaels

Aghinagh vs Clondrohid

Aghabullogue vs Cill na Martra

Kilmurry vvs Aghabullogue

Tadhg MacCarthaighs vs Kilmurry

Duarigle Gaels vs Cill na Martra

Grenagh vs St Michaels vs Whites Cross

Football 1 Team Group-Sat, 28th April

Football 1 Team Group-Sat,19th May

Mayfield vs Grenagh

Donoughmore vs Mayfield

Passage West vs Donoughmore

St Vincents vs Grenagh

Crosshaven vs Fermoy

Fermoy vs Passage West

Erins Own vs Clyda Rovers

Courcey Rovers vs Erins Own

St Nicholas vs Ballygarvan

Na Piarsaigh vs Clyda Rovers

Bride Rovers vs Na Piarsaigh

Bride Rovers vs St Nicholas

Sliabh Rua vs Courcey Rovers

Clondrohid vs Aghabullogue

Brian Dillons vs Ballinhassig

Tracton vs Ballygarvan

Kilmurry vs Ballinora

St Michaels vs Brian Dillons

Banteer Lyre vs Aghabullogue

Ballycastle Gaels vs Banteer Lyre

Boherbue vs Ballycastle Gaels

Whitechurch vs Kilshannig

Glenville vs Whitechurch

Glenville vs Boherbue

Kiltha og vs St Catherines

Castlelyons vs Kiltha og

Lisgoold vs Castlelyons

Fr O’Neills vs St Catherines

Carrigtwohill vs Fr O’Neills

Carrigtwohill vs Lisgoold

Duarigle Gaels vs Kilshannig

Ballinora vs Duarigle Gaels vs Whites Cross

Bantry Blues vs Tadhg macCarthaighs

Kilmurry vs Castlehaven

Aghinagh vs Castlehaven vs Cill na Martra

Aghinagh vs Tadhg MacCarthaighs

Clondrohid vs St Vincents

Cill na Martra vs Bantry Blues

Football 1 Team Group-Sat, 9th June

Football 1 Team Group-Sat,23rd June

Mayfield vs St Vincents

Fermoy vs Mayfield

Donoughmore vs Fermoy

Crosshaven vs St Vincents

Grenagh vs Bride Rovers

Passsage West vs Grenagh

Tadhg MacCarthaighs vs Clondrohid

Erins Own vs Lisgoold

Courcey Rovers vs Crosshaven

Na Piarsaigh vs St Catherines

Clyda Rovers vs St Nicholas vs Whitescross

Tracton vs Courcey Rovers

Sliabh Rua vs Tracton

Bride Rovers vs Ballycastle Gaels

Ballinhassig vs St Michaels

Clyda Rovers vs Glenville

Ballygarvan vs Brian Dillons

St Nicholas vs Boherbue

Banteer Lyre vs Duarigle Gaels

Sliabh Rua vs Kiltha og

Ballycastle Gaels vs Glenville

Banteer Lyre vs Kilshannig

Kilshannig vs Boherbue

Donoughmore vs Castlelyons

Kiltha og vs Fr O’Neills

St Michaels vs Fr O’Neills

Castlelyons vs Carrigtwohill

Aghabullogue vs Castlehaven

St Catherines vs Lisgoold

Brian Dillons vs Whitechurch vs Whites Cross

Bantry Blues vs Kilmurry

Aghinagh vs Duarigle Gaels

Ballinora vs Aghinagh

Cill na Martra vs Kilmurry

Castlehaven vs Cill na Martra

Clondrohid vs Ballinora

Aghabullogue vs Passage West

Tadhg MacCarthaighs vs Bantry Blues

2 Team Group

Football 2  Team Group-Sat,24th March

Football 2 Team Group-Sat,14th April

Nemo Rangers vs Valley Rovers

Nemo Rangers vs Macroom

Eire og vs Bandon

Eire og vs Youghal

St Finbarrs vs Carrigaline

Valley Rovers vs Clonakilty

Mallow vs Inniscarra

Bandon vs Sam Maguires

Cobh vs Clonakilty

St Finbarrs vs Cobh

Sam Maguires vs Macroom

Carrigaline vs Killeagh

Blarney vs Kinsale

Mallow vs Blarney

Youghal vs Killeagh

Kinsale vs Inniscarra

Football 2  Team Group-Sat,28th April

Football 2  Team Group-Sat,19th May

Valley Rovers vs Eire og

Clonakilty vs Nemo Rangers

Nemo Rangers vs Bandon

Sam Maguires vs Valley Rovers

Carrigaline vs Mallow

Macroom vs Eire og

Inniscarra vs St Finbarrs

Blarney vs Inniscarra

Clonakilty vs Sam Maguires

Killeagh vs St Finbarrs

Macroom vs Kinsale

Kinsale vs Bandon

Killeagh vs Blarney

Cobh vs Mallow

Cobh vs Youghal

Youghal vs Carrigaline

Football 2  Team Group-Sat, 9th June

Football 2  Team Group-Sat,23rd June

Bandon vs Valley Rovers

Youghal vs Nemo Rangers

Eire og vs Nemo Rangers

Valley Rovers vs Kinsale

Mallow vs St Finbarrs

Sam Maguires vs Eire og

Inniscarra vs Carrigaline

Bandon vs Cobh

 Killeagh vs Cobh

St Finbarrs vs Clonakilty

Clonakilty vs Macroom

Carrigaline vs Blarney

Kinsale vs Sam Maguires

Macroom vs Mallow

Blarney vs Youghal

Inniscarra vs Killeagh

 3 Team Group

Football 3 Team Group-Sat,24th March

Football 3 Team Group-Sat,14th April

Glanmire vs Bishopstown

Bishopstown vs Douglas

Douglas vs Midleton

Glanmire vs Ballincollig

Ballincollig vs Ballinora/Mayfield/Bantry

Midleton vs Ballinora/Castlelyons/Fr O’Neills

Football 3 Team Group-Sat,28th April

Football 3 Team Group-Sat,19th May

Ballincollig vs Bishopstown

Ballincollig vs Midleton

Midleton vs Glanmire

Douglas vs Glanmire

Douglas vs Whites Cross/St Michaels/Tracton

Bishopstown vs Crosshaven/Ballinhassig/Sliabh Rua

Football 3 Team Group-Sat,9th June

Football 3 Team Group-Sat,23rd June

Bishopstown vs Midleton

Bishopstown vs Glanmire

Ballincollig vs Douglas

Midleton vs Douglas

Glanmire vs Erins Own/Na Piarsaigh/Whitechurch

Ballincollig vs Ballinhassig/Ballygarvan/Carrigtwohill

***For the Games in Red, the first named team are in a 3 team group. Each of the other clubs is 1 team group. 3 team group to evenly split to play each of other 3 clubs e.g. Ballincollig Green vs Ballinora, Ballincollig Red vs Mayfield, Ballincollig White vs Bantry Blues