U10 League Fixtures 2017

For 2017, Rebel óg Coaching are to continue with developing the Go Games Structure to provide a suitable Games Program for all boys from u10-u7. Last season, the U10 Monster Blitzes stopped mid summer and these clubs moved into a League structure for the remainder of the year. Following consultation with clubs, this program seemed to be of greater benefit and enjoyment to the mentors, parents and participating children. With this in mind, we have decided to make it a year long league for U9 (only boys born in 2008 are eligible for this league, u8s are not allowed as they will have blitzes the same days) and U10 teams in 2017. U8s and U7s will remain at the Monster Blitz stage.

In advance of the Leagues at u9 and u10, Colm Crowley will meet in the regional venues in early March to answer any queries that mentors may have. Check this link for information on last years leagues which will give an idea of what it entailed. http://rebelogcoaching.com/clubs/u10-league/

Last thing to note, U8, U9 and U10 matches are going to be scheduled for Saturday mornings, Monster Blitz at 10.15, U9 at 11am and U10 at 12.15pm, so pitches will be available at different times for games.

Football Fixtures

The first team named in each list is slated as the home side. If that club are unable to host, please liaise with the other clubs in the group to find the most appropriate central venue.

If your club are unable to take part in the finals for some reason, please contact the host mentor (and not me). There are no medals/cups, it is just a natural end to the season.

Host club are to make schedule of matches. I recommend each club plays 2 x 30minute matches to make up semi final and final/3rd place final, so the two winners of the semi final to play in the final/cup final and the 2 losers to play each other in the 3rd place final/shield final.

In Two team groups, each team to play a seperate competition, unless mentors agree to a different format.

If only 3 teams at a venue, each team to play 2 matches. Host team to play match 1 and match 3 , so the travelling teams play two matches in a row.

If 5 teams at a venue format is as follows:

Round 1: Team 1 vs Team 2, Team 3 vs Team 4.

Round 2: Team 5 vs Team 1, Team 2 vs Team 3.

Round 3: Team 4 vs Team 5.

If anyone is unable to take part, please let your host venue mentor know. Communication is crucial early in the week to ensure adequate plans can be made by the host venue. Where clubs do not have adequate goalposts, they may use poles as goals. Where adequate pitch space is not available to play 4/6 games at a time, host clubs may stagger matches and shorten match times if needed.

Due to the large amount of games, please contact he host club and other 3 mentors if any problems. I will not be in a position to answer all queries or correspondence, so please contact each other. I have sent all contact details in the past and they can also be found on the rebelog.ie website under club contacts section.

If your club is missing from the fixtures, please let me know and i will arrange a group to fit into.

Best of luck with the games and thanks for taking part in the games this year.  I will circulate Hurling fixtures later this week for the following weekend, so please get all results into me by Tuesday at 6pm please so i can adequately put clubs into competitive groups.


Colm Crowley

Games are subject to change at the discretion of the mentors so please consult with host teams in your group.


Hurling Fixtures